Chemical Warfare Agents – Toxicity at Low Levels

Book Review: Chemical Warfare Agents

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Chemical Warfare Agents is another good technical reference for those worried about WMD exposure. Like last week’s book, this is a professional text, therefore it is very detailed and information orientated.

If your just a casual prepper then the price tag will probably turn you off, and you may be better off with a simpler book. However, if you have a understanding of chemistry, or are seriously concerned about weapons of mass destruction, then this is a good reference book to keep in your library.

I got this book from college when I was getting my degree in Emergency Management – since my minor was homeland security I ended up with a lot of books like this.

For some reason I never could bring myself to sell my college textbooks, figuring, I guess, that they may come in handy in the future.

I guess that’s why I have a shelf full of algebra books.


I did finally sell all my algebra books, I went to the used book store with all my college text books (except for the Emergency management and homeland security texts), as well as all the non-fiction that was not useful.  I also ditched all the fiction that was not part of a collection – i.e. Louis Lamour, Stephen Hunter, Classics….  I used the money to buy some more prepper books like this, as well as to save some space in the library.

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