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Typical Chemicals Found in Drug Labs

Typical Chemicals Found At Drug Lab Operations
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I am including this document on typical chemicals found at drug labs, because I don’t like drugs, I see way to many junkie thieves out ruining communities and doing anything to get their fix.  However, our current strategies aren’t working and meth addicts continue to find new ways to cook their poison and don’t care about the long term effects.

It is not a very well known fact, but it was a clandestine lab found at Waco that allowed the local government to request military assets in the stand off (Sooo that’s why congress declared a “war on drugs”).

As a haz-mat tech I have had a fair amount of training on clandestine lab recognition, and at my time with TEMA Operations I have taken several calls where new homeowners, landlords, and local police find chemicals in a home or outbuilding.

I post this information so that if you run across these chemicals you will have the knowledge to back away, not touch anything, and call for help.  Additionally, while this list was created for drug labs, many of the chemicals have a dual use in a clandestine explosive lab, so don’t assume anything.

As a matter of fact a common terrorist explosive TATP can look a lot like crystal meth, and has similar chemical precursors.  The problem is, that if a cop puts a piece of TATP in a field drug test kit for meth, the nitric acid in the test kit will cause the explosive to detonate.

That isn’t likely to happen, but it could – and that scares me.  Knowledge is power folks.  If your sketchy nephew is putting jugs in your barn check the labels with this list, and if he has typical chemicals found at drug lab operations, chances are he is running one.  If you don’t want to lose everything you own then do something about it.

The link below opens a PDF listing typical chemicals found in drug labs.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Typical Chemicals Found At Drug Lab Operations”]

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