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Chemistry & Atomic Structure

Chemistry & Atomic Structure
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In Chemistry & Atomic Structure the author, Di. J. D. Main Smith, who has devoted much time, labor, and research to the subject, has applied this criterion to the various theories which have at different times received acceptance since the foundation of chemistry to the present day.

As the almost inevitable result of the rapid and increasing advance of knowledge in physics and chemistry, students are tempted more and more to hurry over the fundamental concepts of these sciences in order to gain a superficial acquaintance with recently discovered phenomena. The
author corrects this unfortunate tendency by devoting the opening chapters of his treatise to the fundamental topics of atoms, molecules, valency, electrochemistry, and the classification of the elements. A survey of the giowth of modem chemical science shows that on these sound foundations has gradually been erected the solid structure of three dimensional chemistry, arising out of an intensive cultivation of carbon derivatives, then extending to compounds of other  elements and embracing more complicated types of molecular architecture.

UNTIL comparatively recent years the theory of atoms was entirely a chemical theory, neither particularly useful nor
necessary in physics. The last generation, however, has witnessed the development of a physical theory of atomic
structure more complete than ever had appeared possible in chemistry, and it has lately been customary to regard
chemistry as concerned only with the superficial structure of atoms.

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