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Homesteading: DIY Chicken Bucket Waterer

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In the video above I make another bucket waterer.  I have tried multiple types of DIY Chicken bucket waterers over time, and this model tends to work best.

It works for almost any caged animals – even rabbits raised colony style.

It does not need much, just some poultry nipples, a food grade bucket, a method of hanging and a drill with a 11/32 bit.  If you want, a heat gun may make threading the nipple into the bucket easier, but do not go overboard and melt the plastic.

The first thing you do is turn the bucket over and mark out evenly spaced spots to drill your holes.  I like using either 4 or 5 nipples per bucket, but 3-6 are okay.

Next simple thread in the nipples and invert the bucket.

Hang it do that your animals can easily get under it to drink without being cramped.

Fill with water and check for leaks.

I find that I can go about three days before I need to refill.  Sometimes I still have water, but I like to keep clean water in the bucket so it does not grow bacteria or algea.

I make a point to check the water as I feed the chickens so it is not an issue.

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