How to Build a Chicken Feeder Tray

Build a Chicken Feeder Tray

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I know chickens like to peck, heck it appears to me that they LOVE to peck, but….  I just have this hangup over throwing their food on the ground.  So for my benefit I decided to experiment a little and make a PVC Chicken Feeder Tray to hang in their tractor.

To be honest, this probably doesn’t serve much benefit to the chickens, but when they start to lay, it will give me a good place to put their calcium (ground up egg and oyster shells).

If I were to do this again, I would either install it DURING tractor construction or I would change the design.  I am thinking of making a new one with a tube that will allow me to stock it up like one of those dog feeders.

This chicken feeder tray worked well, and it has made my chores easier.  I think I need to make one like the picture to the left, but what I have works fine and was pretty simple to build.

I experimented with different auto feeding trays before, but I find simple is better and going out every day to feed the birds is much better because you can see issues as the develop.

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