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Choosing the Perfect Puppy

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Men feel natural attraction for puppies as they are very loyal and trustworthy friend for us. That’s why many people cherish desire to bring a pet at home. Before bringing them at home, you should take a wiser decision.

Generally, most families take a wrong decision in selecting the right one for them.

Definitely, you need to observe them at first. It’s very important to evaluate a pet as you want to raise it not less than your child. Sometimes, bold puppies become quiet and change their nature drastically. That’s why it’s difficult to identify right one.

No need to take any pressure. We are here for successfully ‘’choosing the perfect puppy-the complete guideline.’’ Let’s dive into the broaden discussion to learn more.

Here is a Step by step guideline to Choosing the Perfect Puppy:

As it’s a complicated issue, a few more things you need to consider before taking a firm decision while choosing puppy. Below some important factors we want to mention for you to look at.

  1. Select male or female:

First of all, you must think about this factor. Male or female which one goes in your choice is much needed to fix. Generally, males are comparatively bigger in size than females. They are more dominant than females. When they are six month age, you can know if they are spayed or neutered. If you want a pet but don’t want accidental litters, choose neutered puppy or any male. Castration reduces the exact tendency of excessive aggression or dominating nature. It completely depends on your pretty choice which one you will select.

  1. Set up a meeting time with the breeder:

To select the best one, you must depend on breeder as he better knows about them. The pet is dominant or submissive, shy or build, attacking or mild, these qualities are well-known to a breeder. As you have no experience before, you need to make a good relation with him/her to help you widely in terms of that.

For doing so, fix a meeting with him/her at the accurate time when the litter is born. Normally, the best one is sold quickly that’s why you must take this step. Nevertheless, you can bring the wiser friend or family member with you to help you evaluate the right pup.

  1. Choose a puppy from a mother’s third litter:

Before choosing a pup, ask the breeder about the litter number of the mom. If it is her first, never buy from that litter. As mother’s health condition directly leaves a huge impact on puppies, you should consider the fact.

Third litter will be ideal and safe for identifying right one amidst of them. This ensures the strength and the capability of mother to produce pups with the same father. For more conformation, you can talk to the breeder about the bitch’s health.

  1. Notice the litter carefully:

When you reach on the litter, observe their interaction with each other. Choose the most friendly, curious trustworthy and submissive pup. Avoid too much aggressive or too much shy one. Aggressive one may attack brutally and shy one have lacking of socialization. You can protect aggressive barking with best dog barking deterrent. Check out the number of puppies in that litter. The more they are in number; the better is their health condition.

  1. Identify their personality:

Discuss with your family about which personality suits the best for you. Here we will discuss about some distinct nature of individual pups.

  • The bully pups are well determined and smart enough in nature. You need to invest a lot of your valuable time for them. If you are not able to do that, this type is not suited for you.
  • The independent pups are appropriate for home condition as they are calm and adjustable in nature.
  • Pups with rebellious nature are likely to be more sensitive in nature. They are fun loving and don’t have headstrong nature. If you have a family with older children, you can decide about them to buy.
  • The eager and please type pups are most welcome pups for a family. Proper training and well discipline are necessary to build this personality. These kinds of puppy will be a perfect companion for you.
  • The shy pups are not comfortable for a group or family. They are relaxed with close one or single owner. They need time to adjust with new environment of a new home.
  1. Interact with them friendly:

By now, you have narrowed down your chosen list. Now, you should interact with all of your chosen pups one by one to figure out their nature well. Hug each one and touch their paws, face and ears. If they are nurtured well from early age, they won’t mind. If they react by wiggling, you should avoid them.

You can make a sound when they are passing by your side. If he/she reacts by startling, it’s the exact sign they are not deaf. Snap the fingers to attract the puppy’s attention. If he/she responds to you quickly, he/she is social in nature. If they don’t come toward you at all, they are naturally shy in nature.

  1. Focus on good natured dog:

Try to look for a puppy that is not much bossy or not too submissive by nature. Confident pups which held their ears high and wag their tails frequently will be the perfect choice for you. Never choose a dog that is uncomfortable with you or very shy in nature. Moreover, never buy puppy’s from pet stores.

Conclusion: Evaluation and good judgment is the strongest tool for you to choose the best puppy from a litter. Therefore, we made a comprehensive guideline for you to follow. Read it carefully to the end paying much attention.

As you know that puppy’s from the breeder’s home are suitable enough for your family. You must care about this fact. After all, it’s a lifetime matter for you. So, never make a hasty decision in it. Think and observe rightfully. Hopefully, you successfully identify the best one for you or your family.

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