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How to Use Cinnamon to Control Ants in your Beehive


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My wife has a thing with ants, she is always on the lookout for them in the house. With the baby we are both concerned with pesticides in the home so when I first learned that ants detest the smell of cinnamon we tried it out.

Soon after we saw that cinnamon repelled ants, I saw a video from fatbeemen where he described how to use cinnamon to control ants in his hives.  I jumped on the idea of putting cinnamon in your beehive for ant control.

I hate having ants in my hive, and I cannot use pesticides in my hive I sprinkled some very liberally in my hives.

Especially in the top where I feed them, and it worked really well.

If you have hives try this out and let me know your experience.

I have also heard several people say they use sweet and low as an ant repellent – however Scopes says this is false (if you believe scopes). One of these days I am going to try it.


This did work in my hives, and my wife says to keep using cinnamon to control ants.  She swears by it in her kitchen.  I can’t say much about the kitchen aspect of cinnamon controlling ants, as I kept sweeping it up every-time my wife left the area.

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