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How to Clean a Microwave with Vinegar


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Don’t judge my microwave.  I use it for all manner of things, frankly it got dirty.  When trying to clean it I found that the crud was baked on and hard to remove.

However, I took this opportunity to show you how to clean a microwave with vinegar.  The process steams the gunk loose.  You can do this with water.  Adding the mild acid of the vinegar makes it cleaning it even easier.

This is the easiest method for cleaning a microwave I have found, and its pretty quick also.

Just get a microwave safe container, fill it with 1/2 cup or so of distilled white vinegar and microwave for 3 minutes so that the vinegar steams the dried on crud and loosens it so that it wipes clean with a dry paper towel.

This tip could not get any easier, and it is much cheaper than store bought cleaning solutions – plus it is much safer than commercial chemical cleaners.

Once I tried this, I use it to the exclusively now and find it pretty easy to do it along and along rather than wait until my microwave oven gets as disgusting as it did in this video.

It helps that since this video was shot, I redid my kitchen and now have a mounted microwave that sits at face level so I can see when I need to clean the oven up.

The microwave oven in this video has been sent to a better place.  It is now a microwave oven transformer spot welder

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