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How to Use a Smoker Tube



Cold Smoking Tube
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Today I have a simple video about how to use a smoker tube.  It basically uses pellets to create a cold wood smoke, but you could use wood chips instead.

I am in a BBQ mindset, and we have been cooking every weekend on my cheap R2D2 water smoker, it does well, but I wanted to cold smoke some cheese, and when I saw a guy smoke Oreo cookies, I went ahead and ordered a 12′ Perforated Pellet Cold Smoking Tube from Panda Lives.

The Pellet smoker tube comes along with a pair of S-Hooks for hanging in the grill, an electronic instant read thermometer, and a cleaning brush.

It did not come with any instructions.  However, as a guy barbecuing on the back porch, the lack of instruction did not insult my manhood.  I would have used them to start the fire anyway.

I have made my own cold smoker from a garbage can, but this is way easier.  Additionally, using a stainless steel pellet smoke tube did not bring out the people complaining about galvanized metal in my trash can smoker.

How to Use a Smoker Tube

Its dead simple to use, add pellets (or maybe chips) to the tube, sit it up vertically, light and let it start burning well.

Once it is burning well, set it on its side, add your food, and close the grill.

I smoked my cheese-its for two long, I went two hours when I meant to only smoke for one hour, but my son and I got busy in a Nerf war and I lost track of time.

I have lots of stuff I want to try to smoke.  With this batch, the chocolate melted.  I will freeze any chocolate the next.  The flavor was pretty good though.  Smoked chocolate is hard to beat.  The cheesecake was awesome, but the wife didn’t care for it.

She (and I) liked smoked Babybel cheese.  I did not care for the hard rind that developed, but the inside was soft and mushy and perfect.


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