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Commander’s Guide to German Society

Guide to German Society
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This Military Manual, Commander’s Guide to German Society, Customs, and Protocols is a pamphlet that should be used as a guide for commanders new to Germany.  It provides basic information

concerning German society and customs
Commanders serving their first tour in Germany will find the assignment challenging and rewarding. The challenge lies in
the ability to integrate, officially and socially, with the host-nation society, and to establish and maintain good German-
American relations. Commanders who successfully meet this challenge will receive respect, extensive cooperation, and
understanding from the German community in military and community-related matters. They also will build lasting German friendships
I spent three weeks in Germany while in the service and it was my favorite – I could buy a whole chicken and a liter of beer for under $5.00 and they have a beer purity and sizing laws to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for.  Awesome….

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