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Compost, Fertilizer, and Biogas Production from Human Waste in China

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Compost, Fertilizer, and Biogas Production from Human Waste in China is a VITA manual that I got as part of the CD3WD set.

The need to conserve resources and to find alternative sources of energy
are becoming major concerns of most governments. As well, international
assistance programs are increasingly emphasizing the need to employ
technology in rural areas that is within the technical, social, and economic
capacities of the people for whom it is intended.

One way of bringing together both of these needs is through a renewed
look at the use of “wastes” – both human and animal. In most so-called
developed countries, human wastes are regarded as unwanted by-products and discharged as pollutants into the surrounding environment. However, in the People’s Republic of China, such wastes are looked upon as out-of-place
resources and valued as low-cost sources of energy to be treated and recycled into the production process.

This collection of papers describes the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of Chinese technologies that enable the Chinese to treat human excreta, livestock manure, and farm wastes to produce liquid fertilizer, compost, and methane gas.

These papers have been translated from the Chinese and are published in response to an increasing number of questions on Chinese practices and experiences in biogas production, excreta use, and composting. This report represents one of the very few reports from China giving empirical data on these processes

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