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How to Build a Tarp Shelter Using Canopy Fittings


Conduit Tarp Shelter
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I wanted a cheap solution to roofing my goat kennel, and since I had a lot of conduit left over from my geo-dome experiments and I have been thinking of roofing solutions using ferrocement, I decided to try using EMT conduit connectors to make a conduit tarp shelter.

This EMT conduit tarp shelter is simple, inexpensive, and easily put up in an afternoon.

I ordered about $60 dollars of connectors to fit together some EMT conduit, that and some rope, zip ties, and some tarp made a fairly decent shelter.

The connectors made this project go together much easier than it could have been.  It also made the project very strong.

I feel this is pretty strong, and using the connectors with shorter runs of pipe (3 feet or so instead of the 5 and 8 feet runs) with welded wire attached similar to how I did my Doomsday prepper dome (without a tv producer wanting me to make it ugly so it looks like a “rock”).

This setup can make a pretty cheap roof for a shed.  Especially If you use cloth and latex cement instead of a tarp.

I guess I need to add that project to my list.


We have used this for about 6 months and have had several heavy storms, including snow and it is working well.  My goats are happy under the shelter.

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