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Conflicted Cards Review

Gear Review: Conflicted Cards
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I recently purchased a set of conflicted cards and used them to discuss survival issues with my wife.

When I first saw the cards I knew I would have to get them, I wasn’t sure how good they would be, but I immediately recognized the value of the concept.

I am pleased to report that these cards are really well thought out and I got a lot out of using them.
They are designed to be used as a game – and each card has a survival scenario and to play the rules are simple:

  1. Every scenario assumes the world has gone into chaos and that the apocalypse has taken place.
  2. When dealing cards, feel free to shuffle and pass around the cards between the players or leave the deck in the center of the gaming area and everyone draws a card, or any other way you see fit.
  3.  Each turn starts with a player reading a question card to the person next to them, moving clockwise.
  4. Once the card is read, discard it aside.
  5. The answering player has 3 minutes to describe exactly what he or she would do in order to deal with the scenario.
  6. The remaining players will grade the answering players question on a scale from zero to three.
  7. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  8. Feel free to vote openly or in secret, depending on the maturity of the group. If in secret, one player must be chosen to add up the grades and announce a winner.
  9. Always take the scenarios on the cards at full face value. When in doubt about the complexity of the scenario of a card, the asking player will have the right to frame the scenario or question as they see fit, keeping it close to reality.

Although Conflicted: The Survival Card Game has no foul language or nudity, the content is aimed at mature audiences only. Life in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t to be taken lightly.

My wife and I take turns digging through the cards and selecting a scenario that resonates with us and then asking the other what they would do in the scenario.

By using the cards In this manner we can feel out the similarities and differences in our mindset. Its amazing how this simple card set can break through assumptions and point out true beliefs.

As SouthernPrepper1 said in his review , I also see some use as a method to vet potential survival team members, but I have yet to use it in this context.

At $14.95 I think this is a very good deal – the discussions this game facilitate are worth much more than the price of the cards. Personally I plan on bringing this to the next family gathering and seeing just what other members think…

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