Gear Review: Conflicted Cards Contest Financial Collapse Deck

Gear Review: Conflicted Cards Contest Financial Collapse Deck
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I love the guys at conflicted cards – they had a great idea and really did a good job implementing it.  They recently gave me the opportunity to both review their 7th set of cards as well as offer a contest.

The financial collapse deck is timely, as I have come to believe that financial collapse is the most likely cause of a collapse of our society.  It is a little more educational that the previous sets, but not so much that it will turn away preppers.

Like the other card decks it stirs up heated discussion and makes for a better prepared user.

The conflicted card financial collapse deck is a little harder than the first versions.  It takes thought.  But, if you have been keeping up with the decks as they come out, you probably are ready for the challenge.

I like the deck, and I like how it can also double as a regular deck of cards.

On to the contest!

In the video below I read a card.  Comment your answer on the youtube video.  On January 14th, 2017 I will select the comment with the most thumbs up to receive the financial collapse card set (a $19.00 value) absolutely free.  In the announcement video I will also share my answer with you.

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