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Conflicted Cards Financial Collapse Deck Review

I love the guys at conflicted cards – they had a great idea and really did a good job implementing it.  They recently gave me the opportunity to both review their 7th set of cards as well as offer a contest.

The financial collapse deck is timely, as I have come to believe that financial collapse is the most likely cause of a collapse of our society.  It is a little more educational that the previous sets, but not so much that it will turn away preppers.

Like the other card decks it stirs up heated discussion and makes for a better prepared user.

The conflicted card financial collapse deck is a little harder than the first versions.  It takes thought.  But, if you have been keeping up with the decks as they come out, you probably are ready for the challenge.

I like the deck, and I especially like how it can also double as a regular deck of cards.  This makes it even more useful and makes it more likely to be used.

The military is also sneaky about making decks of cards that use blank space to add information they want their personnel to remember.

Conflicted Cards Contest Financial Collapse Deck is more specialized that the original set, but not so much that the common prepper would find it boring or overly complicated.

These guys understand their audience. and are constantly developing better products.  I want to thank them for what they do, and to thank them for sharing with my audience by sponsoring the contest below.

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