Conflicted Cards Contest Winner

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Conflicted Cards Contest Winner

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Last month the guys at conflicted cards were kind enough to sponsor a giveaway to showcase deck 7 financial collapse.

I wanted to do this contest by giving a scenario and seeing your responses in the comments of the video.  The judging was simple, who, in the time allotted, got the most thumbs up for their comments.

I also said that when I announced the winner I would give my answer.

Here is the scenario from conflicted cards financial collapse:

They said that someone’s crisis is somebody elses opportunity.
With that in mind, could you get ahead if the economy of your county were to collapse
With all you have now, how?

Answer with the most thumbs up:

Sara Highwind
if the world collapsed, all the people with outdoor skills and brains would survive. Sadly, there are a lot of people out there with a lot of influence that would also take advantage of those things. WROL is a bad situation overall. Strength in numbers is big. Governments would still operate in a malicious fashion for as long as they can have some sort of influence, but the world outside of that would turn to chaos until people murdered each other and starved to death while the rest of us with a brain and the ability to survive though prepping or just skill and knowledge kept living peacefully, for the most part, unless people screwed with us.

My answer:

I would use the materials I have at hand (mostly books, but some specialized tools) I would try to find partners to set up industry.  For example I have some water purifying equipment and could set a guy up to make gallons of purified water and take a percentage, the same with metal casting, charging batteries and the like.

That way I can become a community resource and help eveyone help themselves.  Tall order I know, but if successful then it would help rebuild.

Legacy Food Storage

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