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Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab (1926)

Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab (1926)
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I bought the kid a chemistry set for Christmas and was very disappointed in the the available choices.

There aren’t any real beginner chemistry sets on the market, none.

If you want to do basic chemistry – for water testing, experiments, learning, making homemade fire retardants, smoke bombs, or whatever purpose you are on your own.

Unless you go back in time and use documents like the 1926 book Construction and Use of a Small Chemistry Lab.

Buying the glassware for a small lab is not expensive, here is a link for a $30 lab distillation kit from amazon.  An entire 36 piece lab starter kit can be found at the same place for under $100

Chemicals are a little harder, if you steer clear of obvious chemicals that are primarily used to make flash powder or drugs, then places like skylighter can probably provide you with what you need for the construction and use of a small chemistry lab.

Be careful, and stay on the right side of the law, making explosives may seem cool, but losing a hand or your freedom is not.  Your not going to be the next Walter White either, so don’t even try.

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