Control and Abatement of Pollution by Army Watercraft

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The purpose of TB 55-1900-206-14 Control and Abatement of Pollution by Army Watercraft is to provide information and instructions concerning the control and abatement of pollution to those responsible for the operation of Army Watercraft on U.S. navigable waters, within the U.S. contiguous zone, on the open ocean, and on foreign territorial seas.

This bulletin ties together the applicable Federal and State laws/regulations with Department of Defense and Army policy dealing with the discharge of oily waste, garbage, graywater, sewage, hazardous substances, and medical waste.

The Army is committed to environmental stewardship in all actions as an integral part of the Army mission. It is therefore DA policy that all Army components demonstrate leadership in environmental pollution abatement programs. A proactive approach should be taken to accelerate the pace of corrective measures required to control pollution emanating from sources under DA jurisdiction.

When I was in the Marines and briefly assigned surplus property duties, a Riverine Assault craft got wrecked and the Battalion had to surplus it, I really wanted that boat pretty badly, but I was sad to learn they crush them rather than sell them.

I don’t think that I will be operating an army watercraft any time soon, but much in this regulation applies to other boats and pollution control.

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