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Kitchen DIY: Cooking Bread in a Grill

Cooking Bread in a Grill
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One of the main reasons I write books like this is to help promote the notion that anyone can solve their problems with a little out of the box thinking. This article on cooking bread in a grill is just one example.

Most people think you have to have an oven to bake bread – not true – all you need is a source of steady and controllable heat. Bread can be baked anywhere you can get controlled heat

Once you learn how to separate requirements from results you will be surprised at how many ways you can see to get the job done. The big thing to remember with baking on a grill is that it is hottest near the flames, so elevate the bread (even if you need to improvise.

Cooking Bread in a Grill
Cooking Bread in a Grill

A grill thermometer is adequate for a good bread Another important thing to note is that to bake perfect bread you need to be able to control both time and temperature. Since most grill have a thermometer on them, you should have it under control, but you may need to add a thermometer, or experiment until you learn just the right sized fire for your recipe.

Depending on your grill you may need to bake on the top rack Rolls and buns will probably bake in 15 to 20 minutes and loaves will take 20 to 30 minutes depending on their size and the grill’s temperature. If you are making an entire meal – either to show off during a barbeque, or in some grid down emergency, timing is important.

Cook the bread before the meat. This allows the bread to cool, and grease from cooking meat makes the temperature unstable, and the smoke and soot from burning grease can stain your bread. Grills don’t circulate air as well as ovens do, which can lead to uneven heating. You may need to rotate your bread halfway through baking to have even cooking.

Grilled bread tastes wonderful There is also a tendency for flames to burn the bottom of the bread, so keep the flames low and the bread elevated on a rack.

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