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Cooking On An Open Fire

Cooking On An Open Fire
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Cooking On An Open Fire is one of my favorite things about camping.  I have been looking excitedly forward to when my son WT would be old enough to introduce him to outdoor living.  He is getting to that age, and at 5 he talks about going hunting and camping all the time.

When asked though he still declines as he says he doesn’t want bears to eat him when he is asleep.  I ask him if he thinks I won’t protect him, and he innocently says “but dad, you’d be asleep to”.

Why make a mess in your indoor kitchen when you can build your own fire pit and eat like a cowboy in the open air? There is something about roasting suckling pig on a spit, duck on a rope, or just chestnuts over a handmade fire pit that makes eating with friends and family even more special. Here are a dozen different cooking methods and nearly a hundred recipes.

Learn how to cook beef, pork, and lamb, as well as vegetables, seafood, and eggs, in traditional European and American Southwestern styles, above and sometimes directly in the embers. When you take your family camping, brew your own coffee in the morning and make Brandy Punch at night.

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