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How to Make Sticky Rice in a Crock Pot

Kitchen DIY: Cooking Rice in a Crock Pot
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There is not a lot to say about cooking sticky rice in a crock pot other than saying how easy this is, and how cheap rice is.  Preppers already know that rice is a great preparedness food because it is cheap, filling, and lasts a long time if stored properly.

How to Cook Sticky Rice in a Crock Pot

There is not a lot of difference between cooking rice in boiling water on the stove and cooking rice in a crock pot.  The ratios of water to rice (2 cups water to 1 cup rice).  The only real difference is the time required.  Since crock pots are fix and forget cooking utensils – they take longer than stove methods because they don’t get as hot.  Depending on you settings it takes about 2 hours to cook rice in a crock pot, but time is not as important as getting the water absorbed.

The way you go about cooking rice in a crock pot is exactly opposite of cooking rice in a pressure cooker.   A crock pot takes much longer, but you don’t have to watch it –  which is quite useful for us busy folks.

Cooking Rice in a Crock Pot works well, but it does come out a little stickier than normal methods.  Especially in the video because I did not wash the grains to get rid extra starch.  I like sticky rice.

This turned out more like rice pudding than individual grains.  Some would sayI cooked it too long.  However, I like it this way.

I put in a lot of creamy chicken soup and shredded chicken and eat on it for a week.

If you like it less mushy then cook is a shorter time.

It never occurred to me that not everyone likes to make sticky rice.  I like mine with some stick to the ribs gooey factor.  I normally throw in some shredded chicken and some cream of chicken soup.

If you want the rice to be less sticky, rinse the grains first and cook for a shorter time at a higher temp.

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