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Copyright Law-US Publications

Copyright Law-US Publications
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Since I am posting so many old documents, I thought I would share my understanding of US Copyright Law with this PDF from US Publications.  This was on one of the many informational DVD’s I purchased as I built my prepper PDF library.

Unfortunately that DVD contained mostly copywritten materials that I do not have the right to share in the manner I am with these open source documents.

As an author, copyrights are important to me, I know how angry I get when I come up with a new book and immediately after someone publishes something that is obviously a knock off.  Those websites that write a paragraph about a topic and then link to some other authors How-To post infuriate me.  They leave me wondering how the knock off gets so much more traction than the original.

I tried very hard to respect the author’s copyright on the documents I am sharing.  If I saw the copyright I did not publish, and if someone’s material did accidently get published, I will be more than happy to remove the offending PDF if asked.

The documents that are sourced from the US Government are not copywritten, but they may have classifications. I have not, nor will not publish anything that is classified as law enforcement sensitive or higher. I support my country and would never do anything to jeopardize the safety of its citizens or our sworn first responders.

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  1. Good point! I struggle with copyright all the times! Trying to do the best!

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