Country Beans

Book Review: Country Beans

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I picked up Country Beans just to buy something is a really cool store I visited in East Tennessee. I am sure glad I did. This book is the same book I used to make the Tofu and bean milk, as well as the bean flour I used to bake the bread, which opened the door to the acorn flour I used to make the bannock.

This book covers lots of material – from how to reduce gas, how to speed up the bean cooking process, and how to turn beans into a variety of other things. Who knew you could use beans in desserts?

If you are a long time reader of Dave’s Homestead, then you know I believe the basics of any food storage program needs to be wheat and beans – But bread and beans can get old quick.

This book is a great tool to prevent appetite exhaustion by giving you MULTIPLE ways to cook beans.

I have gotten a lot of projects based upon this book, and the concepts lead me to discover several more.


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