Craftsman 4-cycle Weed Eater Review

image of a Craftsman 4-cycle Weed-eaterI am rough on weed eaters and I hate mixing gas.  Because of this when I recently bought a new string trimmer I went up a couple price points than normal to get a better quality.  This Craftsman 4-cycle weed eater takes regular non-ethanol fuel.  No mixing of gas and oil is required.  This machine has a oil reservoir just like your car.

When I buy a weed-eater I have to have the ability to detach the head and use attachments.  I have several and have really gotten a lot of use out of my circular saw blade attachment.

I also prefer a straight shaft over a curved shaft.  Straight shafts have more reach and I believe they are a little more durable.

Additionally, I like the new technology that allows for electric start.  I haven’t tried it yet, but this 4-cycle weed eater has the ability to use one.

Something I really appreciate, but I did not show in the video was the strap.  It is very wide and uses a clip to release and adjust it on my body and a thoughtful touch was the carabiner it uses to attach to the machine itself.

The only thing I am worried about is that as a straight gas machine Is that someone fills it with the mix gas for all my other weed eaters and chainsaws.


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