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Cree T6 800 Lumens 3-Mode LED Zoomable Flashlight Review

Gear Review: Cree T6 800 Lumens 3-Mode LED Zoomable Flashlight
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I got the opportunity to review this Zoomable Flashlight and really didn’t have very high expectations, however, upon using it I find to be a really good deal.

This flashlight is pretty sturdy and works well – especially against other flashlights in the same price point.

It is super bright and adjusts easily.  I actually find it easier to use than my very expensive tactical flashlight.

Being a LED it has a life of over 90000 hours, while my surefire burns out after 20 or so hours.  It is much cooler running which is important when I am laying up under a metal bunk in some inmate’s cell.

I find it really neat that when focused into a tight beam, the actual LED’s show up and it throws a square beam.  This doesn’t add or detract from the function, I just think it is pretty cool.

It feels very sturdy in the hand, and the design seems to be well thought out.

As a firearm instructor, I value the rubber grommet on the shaft that allows the light to be operated in a palm grip.

It has a clip to hold the light in a pocket, and it has a crenelated bezel that is pretty good for self defense moves.

The only real complaint I have is the focus ring seems a little loose.

While I received this flashlight in return for a review, I find it to be worth the price point it is advertized at, and plan on purchaisng a few more to put in each glove box.


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