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David Nash’s Amazon Author Page

For more information or to order books by David Nash, simply click on the image to be taken to the amazon page for the book you are interested in.  to learn more about the Author you can visit the David Nash Biography Page.

The Scouting Guide to Foraging: An Official Boy Scouts of America Handbook: Essential Skills for Finding Food in the Wild (Release Date November 2018)

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In Scouting’s Guide to Foraging, current Scouts, Scout alumni, and readers interested in the outdoors are provided with time-tested advice on how to safely identify, harvest, and use edible wild plants. Some practical tips include:


  • How to identify different parts of plant stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit
  • Where to locate and forage edible plants
  • Which plants are valuable sources of nutrition and which should be avoided
  • How to harvest, store, and prepare plants for eating
  • Ways to cook your finds
  • How to use plants for tinder, natural dyes, and insect repellents
  • And so much more!

    Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has helped build the future leaders of this country by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun. The BSA is committed to training youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities.


Handguns for Self-Defense: A Guide to Choosing and Using Your Weapon (Release Date October 2018)

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Regardless of your level of training or comfort around firearms, understanding and applying firearm fundamentals will increase your proficiency. Handguns for Self-Defense provides easily understood explanations of what shooters need to do to fire more accurately. This book he explores such topics as:
• How to choose the firearm, holster, and carry method that best fits you, your lifestyle, and your particular protection needs
• Understanding state and federal firearm laws
• Developing and implementing a safe and effective firearms training regime
• How to deal with friends and family who don’t like guns
• And much more

All of this is done without politics, judgments, or complex explanations. Handguns for Self-Defense is a valuable resource for anyone thinking about purchasing a firearm for the first time, exploring carrying a gun for self-defense, or seeking to improve the skills they already have.

Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense

This is my first book, as a long time firearm instructor, I wanted to write a book that answered common questions new shooters ask.

It is designed to help a person decide if they want a handgun, what kind of handgun they need, and the basics of both shooting it and using it for self defense.

The information found within form the basis of any basic firearm course and will definitely give a new shooter the proper start.
Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense




52 Prepper Projects

52 Preppers Projects started the series, it came from my attempts to learn to prepare cheaply while building my skills.  I took projects from this website and enhanced the instructions while adding pictures.

The idea behind the book was to give weekly projects that build skill while building preparedness.






52 Prepper Projects for Parents and Kids

Like 52 Prepper Projects, this book involves weekly projects, however, it is deigned to be done with children to teach them how to work with their hands and brains as well as develop self-reliance.

One thing different in this book that the previous 52 Projects work, is that at the end of each project talking points are given to teach why the project was chosen.





52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Preppers

More than a cookbook, this recipe book teaches techniques.  In this book you learn to make cooking tools like a DIY dehydrator and cardboard box grill.

Additionally, you will learn how to store food and cook using traditional methods.






The Preppers Guide to Foraging

There is not enough land for every American to live a hunter/gatherer lifestyle, but understanding the uses of wild foods can definitely increase odds of survival during a large scale disaster.

This book uses both pictures and drawings to identify 25 common plants and give both food and additional uses for each.






Basic Survival: A Beginner’s Guide

This is my first Hardback, and the pictures make me feel like its a coffee table book, but when I wrote it I included all the basics I learned starting out as a prepper.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a wilderness survival handbook – it is a surviving emergencies handbook.  I believe in an all hazards approach to survival.  If you knew what kind of disaster would kill you a smart thing to do would just be to avoid that type of disaster.  Since no one knows what might happen to them, a smart person prepares to deal with all kinds of issues.

I take academic theory learned during my education as an Emergency Management Planner and add common sense skills learned by life as a prepper to bring you this book.



Kindle Ebooks

The Ultimate Guide to Pepper Spray

Nobody knows how to use pepper spray like corrections officers. With skill, command presence and a can of spray, a typical correction officer is outnumbered 128 felons to one.

In this book, I take my experience as a seasoned correction academy instructor to outline how to confidently and effectively choose, use, carry and decontaminate pepper sprays.

This book contains vital footnoted sections on applicable US State laws, information on mindset, and how pepper spray strength in measured so you don’t mistakenly buy the cheap stuff.

I am a long time use of force instructor and has certifications in law enforcement firearms, firearms instructor training, chemical agents, electronic restraints, specialty impact munitions, baton, and defensive tactics.


21 Days to Basic Preparedness

There is a lot of information available for those starting to learn to prepare for disaster. It can be intimidating, and confusing.

21 Days to Basic Preparedness is a short basic eBook where I take the experience earned as both a certified emergency manager with 12 years experience working in state level disaster preparedness and response as well as a member of the prepper community.

In this book I bring together state of the art emergency management concepts with tried and true prepper techniques in a way that can quickly and cheaply begin a families preparedness journey.




DVD Sets

 Firearm Manual DVD is $5.00 with Free Shipping

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This firearm manual DVD contains 3.55 Gigs of 1117 files including civilian manufacturer manuals, military technical and field weapon manuals, printable targets, blueprints, patent files, videos, and training PowerPoint.






Alternative Energy DVD is $5.00 with Free Shipping

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This Alternative Energy DVD contains manuals, plans, information, and DIY projects for sustainable alternative energy production.

This disk is organized and professionally compiled. Insert the disk, and select the files from its listing – by subject and type. Easy to find material, and not a bunch of PDF files put in multiple folders.




Military Field, Technical & Course Manual 2 DVD Set $10.00 with Free Shipping

Click to Purchase for $10.00 with Free Shipping

This 2 DVD set contains over 7 Gigs of US and foreign military manuals and documents including courses, technical and field weapon manuals, training aids, special operations manuals, Army regs, and much more…

InstaFire Fire Starters   Legacy Food Storage
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