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Declaration of Independence & Constitution

Declaration of Independence & Constitution
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I carried a personal copy of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution in my pocket for decades, I only stopped because I went back to the prison and they don’t allow me to bring in any reading material in any form (good rule – you don’t want staff in a prison reading when they should be paying attention to inmates).

It is one of my strongest beliefs that every American citizen has the responsibility to understand the concepts and intent behind our founding documents.

If you do not know them mindset that went into writing our Declaration of Independence, then you are ill equipped to understand our Constitution.

As an American citizen I have repeatedly swore and Oath the defend the Constitution of the United States, and none of the oaths came with a expiration date.

Our Country is a grand experiment, at no time in history has a government been formed for hte express purpose of protection of its citizens.  All other countries in all other time periods believed that the government owned the people and the people must obey.

We gave the government its power, and that idea is firmly written into our Constitution – unfortunately years of civics teachers braying about a living document and mistaking a Republic for a Democracy has ensured that most have no idea of how and why our Country was founded.

You owe it to yourself, and all those citizen who died to create and protect our liberties to read this document.

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