How to Dehydrate Cottage Cheese

How to Dehydrate Cottage Cheese
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I used to hate cottage cheese, but once I began making cheese, I gave it another chance, and now I like it.

The problem is that I go through phases where I want it.  However, once I get satisfied I don’t want it again for a while.  So when I buy it in big packages it can go bad before I am done with the entire tub.

I read that you can dehydrate cottage cheese and decided to try it.

To dehydrate it, I simply mixed it well in the container to mix the liquid (whey) with the cheese (curds).  Next, I then spread it out on the fruit leather trays that were lightly oiled with unflavored nonstick oil.

If you dehydrate for about 3 days at 115 degrees, you will end up with a “bark”

You can eat it directly, but it would be like eating the rind on a old dried out bit of cheddar – hard and tasteless.

If you soak it to rehydrate it, be prepared to wait – it will take half a day (5 hours or so), but it won’t require any more work than to drain off the excess water and eat it. – this is the best way if you want to eat it as is, if you want to use the cottage cheese in recipes you can cut down the time by grinding it into a course powder.

The powdered cheese will rehydrate in about 3 hours, but the texture won’t be nearly the same

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