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I was a guest on the Destiny Survival podcast

I was a guest on the Destiny Survival podcast
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I recently was a guest on John Westley Smith’s Destiny Survival Podcast – John runs a very cool site Destiny Survival, and I highly recommend you visiting his site.  We had a good time talking about a variety of preparedness subjects, and I learned a lot from just talking with him.

Destiny Survival is a very good preparedness website – like me, John is documenting what he is doing to become prepared.  His says his websites goal is to “help you and other preppers as I continue along my own preparedness journey. You probably know already that we must prepare for survival in a rapidly changing world. After all, how will we live when life as we’ve known it has changed forever?”

I think that is a very noble mindset, and urge you to take a moment to visit his site.  He has tons of articles on things like goal setting, emergency dental kits, Active shooters, the oathkeepers, and much more valuable information.

He is a very spiritual man, and is great about helping others, he is a writer, homeschooler, radio broadcaster, and all around good guy.

I enjoyed being on his show and look forward to talking with him again.

His show “DestinySurvival Radio” is a weekly podcast covering a variety of topics related to prepping and survival. A new program is released each Thursday, and most shows are roughly an hour long.  He has been doing this a long time and is much more professional at the podcast game than I am.

The show will be live on blogtalk radio at 1pm this afternoon, but as with all PRN shows, you can download it after the show anytime for your convenience.


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