How to Develop Water Springs


Homesteading: Developing Water Springs Part 1
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When buying homesteading land, one thing you have to consider is how you will get water.

Luckily this is not an issue with my property (it has enough issues in other areas)  I have a year round stream along one border as well as a larger one that cuts one corner of my property.

Being the site of a burnt out mobile home, it also has piped in water from a spring house my next door neighbors own.  They are kind enough to allow me to continue to use the water, but I don’t want to depend solely on their continued permission.

I also have a long held interest in digging a well and developing water springs.  Frankly I’d like this to be the makings of a chapter in my upcoming book the $100 homestead.  To do that I fist have to find and develop a spring for use.

Coming down my driveway I have an area that stays wet year round.  The flow is not much, but it is enough to be worth further inspection.

Farther down my hill there are two areas that have stronger flow and are much wetter, but this area is easier to get to, I want to divert the water from going down my driveway, and I have the hope that once developed the flow will increase and with the fall from the wet area to the bottom of my drive way I can use the water to power a small micro-hydro site to power a small series of security features at my driveway entrance.

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