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What is the Difference Between a Flare Nut and Combination Wrench


Difference Between Flare Nut and Combination Wrenches
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Today we are going to discuss the Difference Between Flare Nut and Combination Wrenches.  Most of us, the mechanics especially, are familiar with a combination wrench.

Combination wrenches contain a simple box end and an open end.  This allows the user to easily tighten and loosen nuts and bolts.

Flare nut wrenches are designed for the flare nut fitting on fluid or gas lines.   In the Marines I was  taught that a flare nut wrench was called a line wrench.  These wrenches cover more of the nut to reduce wounding the nut off (like a box end).  Additionally, the open cut allows the wrench to slip over metal lines.

Obviously, open ended wrenches can be used in the same manner as a flare nut wrench.

However, they just don’t offer as much surface grip on the fittings which increases the likelihood of damage.

Difference Between Flare Nut and Combination Wrenches
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In conclusion, I own both sets, and find that when you need a flare nut wrench you REALLY need one.  Most of the time I do all my work with a trusty set of combination wrenches.

However, as a DIY advocate, I think it is important that you understand the difference between flare nut and combination wrenches.

What I really need is a new impact wrench to go with my flare nut wrenches, unfortunately some thief just stole most of my tools.

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