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Homesteading: Three Tools for Digging Stumps

Homesteading: Digging Stumps with Three Tools
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With the backhoe working one day and not the next I started manually digging stumps.  I hate doing it that way, but I have got to get them out so I can start actually building things.  This post shows how I go about Digging Stumps with just Three Tools.

Anyone can dig stumps, but if you just decide to get mean and root hog or die the stump it is probably easier.  That’s how my Dad does it, he makes it into a personal challenge.  I prefer to figure out easier ways.

It sometimes works, it sometimes does not.

But you don’t need a lot of fancy tools.  You could do it with a shovel, but I find that a shovel gets in the way when you get around the actual stumps.

Here are the three tools I use for digging stumps:

  • Pickaxe/Mattox
  • Saw (not a chainsaw)
  • Pruning Shears

The pickaxe is the main tool, it does most of the digging ans brute force.  The saw cuts the large roots and the pruning shears cuts the little ones that hang everything up.

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