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Diseases of Greenhouse Crops and Their Control

Diseases of Greenhouse Crops and Their Control
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Diseases of Greenhouse Crops and Their Control is from 1920 and comes from the Library of Cornell University.  With modern agriculture and the spraying of all types of herbicides and pesticides as well as genetically modified crops, I don’t know how useful this is to the farmer.  However, if used by the home gardener or hobbyist I am sure the information within this document can be very useful.

Because of the controlled climate, greenhouse crops are more sensitive than the same crops grown outdoors (a parallel can be drawn toward entitled children if I wanted to be controversial) – so care must be taken so that the greenhouse plants don’t get sick.  Especially if you want the seedlings to survive planting outdoors.

Understanding diseases of greenhouse crops is pretty important to home gardeners, I especially need the help.  I am an unfortunate mass murderer of plants.  I like to garden, I just don’t have the patience to do a good job.  I should probably take this as a life lesson and force myselfto be a better gardener and to approach it scientifically and master the basics before I start changing all the variables.


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