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Distilling Urine In a Survival Still


Camping: Distilling Urine
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I know that showing how the survival still works on distilling urine may seem like a kind of a gross post – but I think it really showcases the capability of the Survival Still and water distillation versus filtering.

Obviously, the volume of urine produced is going to yield less distilled water than a person needs per day, but I am not doing this demonstration to say that my plan involves distilling urine into drinking water, but rather to show how well the still works.

If it purifies the urine into water I am willing to drink, then it’s obvious that this is a process I trust.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, it seems really gross to drink urine, but that is not what is happening.  Once the urine is processed through the Survival Still, it is no longer urine, but pure water.

Distilling urine is not really a good part of a survival plan (unless you are in a desert or a life raft in the ocean), but having a device that works well enough to turn pee into drinking water IS a good part of a survival plan.

I am not willing to drink urine.  But distillation does not purify urine, it removes the pure water from it.  I am drinking distilled water.

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