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Homemade 10 Dollar Cheese Press


DIY 10 Dollar Cheese Press
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This 10 dollar cheese press is much more than the sum of its parts, or its use in making cheese.  This press is the essence of personal preparedness.

To me, preparedness is more about attitudes and skills than gear and gadgets.  The way that I build those skills are to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows me the ability to learn new things and then practice them.  I am going to spend some time up-loading a few blog entries on home cheese making.

I’m not doing this because making homemade cheese is cheaper than store-bought cheese (its not), or because I think you have to know it to survive TEOTWAWKI (The End Of the World As We Know It) because I don’t.

I am not even doing this because it is a good way of storing milk without refrigerators.  The reason I am taking the time to post about cheese making because it is a good do it yourself skill that is fun and easy, which allows the prepper to start moving and planning while teaching skills such as patience and how to plan for the future (it takes 6 months or more to see the benefits of a hard cheddar).

In today’s post I will show how to make a very simple and inexpensive method to make a press for making hard cheeses using very easily sourced parts.  A commercial cheese press can cost hundreds of dollars, while the one we are making today is only a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Thank you for this!! I’ve been getting raw milk — pretty much as much as I want — from the CSA (farm share) in which I participate. I made about 3 lbs of hard cheese last week and broke four plates in the process (long story) and determined I had to come up with a better idea. A friend found the YouTube video for this after I gulped/balked at paying $130+ for the commercially-made (or hand-made) cheese presses out there.

    I went to Home Depot last night and got the materials — cost me about $13. My 15yo son is making the cheese press and I have more cheese going on the stove right now!

    • Thanks, Hey, I like your blog, I planted onions this year for a similar reason (but I still haven’t given up on corn – but like you I am having problems with it.) I bookmarked your site, and plan on visiting it more in depth when I have time.

  2. Glenda Mulholland Glenda Mulholland

    Hello David,

    Your cheese press video is very informative. I plan to build a similar press, but where did you get the mold and follower?
    Thank you.

    • I bought mine from the local brew shop, but you can get in online from a number of sources like Ricki Carol’s site and from leaners. I have also read of people making them from a #10 can with small nail holes, but I imagine that may be more problematic than it would appear.

  3. Nina Peterson Nina Peterson

    You have given me the best and most thorough instruction for cheesemaking on the internet. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge without a charge. Thank you a million times over!

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