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How to Make a Chip Clip Using a Clothes Hanger


How to Make a Chip Clip Using a Clothes Hanger
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If you ever needed to know how to make a chip clip using a clothes hanger I got you.  This tip is stupidly simple.  So simple in fact that it does not need any explanation other than a quick video or a clear picture.

I added it this website because I like to constantly search for new ways to solve problems, even if the problem is a first world non-prepper problem.

The ability to break a problem down into its components and see things for what they could be and not just what they were designed to be is an essential life skill.

Skills need practice to develop.  As I have built this website and turned it into a mission my ability to MacGyver solutions has grown exponentially.  While stupid little tip videos are not the sole reason for this, they do help.  And remember if it looks stupid but it works it is not stupid.

The simple solutions from looking at things from new perspectives is the main way I solve problems.  I bought into the Einstein idea that you can’t solve problems with the same thinking that caused them.  I have learned to break things down into component parts and uses.

Besides, nobody likes soggy chips.  This DIY Chip Clip solves the soggy chip problem for ever.  Or until you stop using it.

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