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How to Make a DIY Cold Pack

DIY Cold Pack
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Ice packs are a very useful item to keep around.  Today’s article will show you how to make your DIY cold pack of your own using a foodsaver bag and some simple household ingredients.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, then you can use zippered freezer bags, but it will be more prone to leaking.

Making a DIY Cold Pack

Besides bags, you will need water, alcohol, and food coloring.

  • Mix 2 parts water by volume with one part alcohol (rubbing or drinking)
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring to the alcohol mix so you can tell its not water.
  • Add the colored liquid to your bag, and then close it.

The alcohol will keep the water from completely freezing, but It will actually be colder than ice.

This works great, and the coloring lets you know when you have a leak.

This works well, but I still like my store-bought ice pack.  I don’t use this DIY cold pack often, but knowing how to do it lets me make one whenever I need, which is quite useful.

As I said in the start of this article, if you don’t have to use a sealer bag, doubled zip locks work well also.  They just are a little more prone to leak.  However, I figure if you are using a cold pack, you are probably sitting still somewhere…

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  1. Lori Lori

    Love this. You forgot to add food coloring to your water-alcohol mixture in this video though! 🙂

    Also, what if you use one of those sealers that sucks the air out of the bag? Will it suck the water out? Well, I suppose one can partially freeze the contents so the vacuum will stop.

    Thanks again for another really cool video!

    • I know, when I went to tape this, I saw I was out of food coloring. A vacuum sealer would have sucked the liquid out. Glad you like it.

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