DIY Fridge Mat

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I am not messy, but I am a little clumsy.  My wife is always getting on to me about spilling things.  When I saw this DIY Fridge Mat Pinterest, I jumped at the chance to show the wife some projects of mine can make HER life easier also.  It is all well and good to be handy.

However, f you can’t wow the wife occasionally then you won’t have anyone to be prepared for.

To make a fridge mat simply use plastic place mats on your fridge shelves.  If they get dirty it is much easier to take them out and clean them than it is to clean the actual shelf.

As you can see this is a simple little project, but it does wonders for making your fridge easy to clean.  If the mats get too dirty, simply lift them out and throw them away.  The stains and spills will go with them leaving your fridge shelves protected and clean.

This DIY Fridge Mat is about as easy as my microwave cleaning trick.  It is not hard, try it and see if it makes your life easier.

I know I use this all the time myself.

David Nash :Dave Nash is a Author and Instructor that is dedicated to learning and sharing new ways to efficiently and resourcefully homestead and prepare for disasters.

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