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How to Make Hive Beetle Traps


Beekeeping: DIY Hive Beetle Traps
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Its no surprise to most people that bees are dying, and some of the reasons behind it is starting to be better understood.  Believe me, I am NO expert, and am just starting with my bees. I do know that small hive beetles are a large part of the problem.

I bought some hive beetle traps to put in my hives.  However, I want to start out with several options.  My goal is to prevent the beetles getting a foothold in my hives.  I spent a significant amount of money on my hives. (comparable to a stock DPMS AR-15 or a nice country living grain mill) So I don’t want to see my work wasted because of an insect.

After seeing the commercial traps I realized that it was very simple to make my own DIY hive beetle traps.

The Best Use of a Political Sign

Basically, the trap is a short strip of corrugated plastic (think roadside political sign).  This sign is sealed with a vegetable shortening and contains boric acid.  The way it works is that the beetles are attracted to the trap both because of the shortening and to get away from the bees that want to kill them as the intruders they are.

The beetles burrow into the channels in the plastic and are then killed by the boric acid.  Its safe for the bees, as the channels are too small for them to get into.

The traps get stapled to the tops of a couple frames per hive body, and a few more get scattered around the top cover and the bottom board.

I made several more than I needed so that when I work the hive I have some with me so I can immediately replace any full traps.  This makes my life simpler as well as reducing stress on my bees by repeated opening and closing of my hive.

Like I said before, I am no beekeeping expert.  I am sure there are guys out there with much prettier ways of doing things, and I welcome any constructive ideas they may have.

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  1. Carioca Carioca

    Hi there!

    My wife says she cannot obtain boric acid here in Australia – she does however have Borax (for cleaning), can she use that instead?

    Thanks for your reply!


    • “Borax” and “Boric acid” are not the same.

      Borax is Na2B4O7-10H2O, Hydrated sodium borate

      Boric acid is H3BO3
      Look at the hardware store for roach killer, if it is 90 or so boric acid with the rest inert ingredients you could use that

  2. Jerry ray Jerry ray

    any pics of the trapped beetles ?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I normally just dump them out, but next time I check I will take some pictures. Of course, that may be a while since I don;t mess with them when its cold.

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