DIY Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer


DIY Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

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This isn’t really new, nor is it my idea, but its something I learned from  This is called an “Alvin” vacuum sealer, and what it does is allow you to use you vacuum food saver attachments to seal mason jars and without needing electric power.  I like this alot, and I use it pretty regularly, as I hate getting out the food-saver, but I seal dried food in mason jars all the time.

This DIY Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer is quite useful to me, and as easy as it was to build, I bet you will be happy you made one.

This only works with DRIED food, as no heat is involved.  So if you try to use it to preserve jelly or any other wet pack product you are asking for botulism.  Trust me, few things are worse than dieing from total paralysis from the botulism toxin.  If your item is has more than 10% moisture do not use this method.

A video is probably not necessary, as all you do is plug your mason jar adapter into a new CLEAN brake bleeder and pump it to get a vacuum, but I added one anyway.

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