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How to Make a DIY Sugru Substitute


Sugru Substitute for DIYer's
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Sugru is a DIYer’s dream – it is a simple and relatively inexpensive material that can be molded into almost any shape.  If you have never played with it you can buy 8 packs for $22.00

It is no wonder that something so useful and simple has lots of people hacking it, so I wanted to show an easy DIY Sugru substitute

What is Sugru

Basically Sugru is silicone caulk.  As silicone reacts with the moisture in the air it cures (and gives off acetic acid which explains the vinegar smell).

If you mix the silicone with something that holds moisture (like cornstarch) you can make your own Sugru substitute.

This mixture allows the silicone to set up faster, is stiffer, and since the cornstarch moderates the silicone its less sticky so its easier to mold.

You can mix the silicone/corn starch in ratios from 5/1 to 1/2 the more starch the faster the setup.

I later used this sugru substitute to fix a problem with my Macbook’s power cord.  It kept fraying and causing me to spend $100 bucks on the proprietary cords.

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