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Category: DIY Prepper Projects

The DIY Prepper Projects category is the heart of this site.  Everything I do on this site is based around diy prepper projects to help you become more resilient.

I wasn’t always a DIY prepper, but when I started I fund it to be addictive.  It lets me have things I couldn’t afford to buy, makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, and builds confidence.

I find this category to be my favorite, I think it is the most fun.  However, its Do It Yourself not Gospel, I am not showing HOW TO do things, but rather how I DID things.  Feel free too disagree with how I do things.  I would prefer you comment on or show how to do it better rather just be negative though.

How to Make a Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

This isn’t really new, nor is it my idea, but its something I learned from This is called an “Alvin” vacuum sealer, and what it does is allow you to use you vacuum food saver attachments to seal mason jars and without needing electric power. I like this alot, and I use it pretty regularly, as I hate getting out the food-saver, but I seal dried food in mason jars all the time.