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Do It Yourself Medicine

Book Review: Do It Yourself Medicine
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For my money, I really did not get much out of Do It Yourself Medicine – it could have been much shorter – basically – Do-It Yourself Medicine – go to the co-op and buy animal antibiotics…

There is a little more to this book than just that, it has a little bit of dosing instructions, and some information on why its “safe” to use vet meds – but I am afraid that this book will soon be horribly out of date, as the FDA and other Alpha Agencies are talking about requiring prescriptions to buy veterinary medications.

What would have made Do it yourself medicine more useful as a reference would be a chart on animal body-weight to human body-weight – especially as it says that determining proper dosage of the medicine is hard.

Is the same dose you give a 200 pound pig the same dose you would give a 200 pound human?  I do not know, and before I jab a needle full of veterinary grade antibiotics in my hindquarters I would like to know.

It may be a moot point, as I have heard rumblings of requiring prescriptions for vet medicine which would close this “loop hole”

*Update – They did

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