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Draft Horse Primer

Draft Horse Primer
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After explaining why the draft horse is again in demand by farmers, the author of the Draft Horse Primer explains the basics of farming with horses: how to care for the animals, find and repair horse-drawn machinery, and harness a team

This PDF includes information on:

  • Breeds of Draft Horses and Mules
  • What to look for when buying a team
  • Machinery for the horse powered farm
  • Ffeeding, care, and housing
  • Shoeing and foot care
  • Harnessing and hitching
  • Breeding horses
  • Sidelines like showing, urine business, and logging

This primer has an immense amount of information and in this free PDF you can’t beat it.  This great manual, like others in my download section come from the wonderful CD3WD set by Weir.

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