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Drying Food

52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Prepper
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This is another Extension office document on drying food, this time it is from the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Home Economics.

What I like the most about this PDF on Drying Food is the reference charts.  This makes it pretty handy.

Drying or dehydration, the oldest method of food preservation, is particularly successful in the hot, dry climates found in much of New Mexico. Quite simply, drying reduces moisture necessary for bacterial growth that eventually causes deterioration.

Successful dehydration depends upon a slow steady heat supply to assure that food is dried from the inside to the outside. Drying is also an inexact art. Size of pieces, relative moisture, and the method selected all affect the time required to dehydrate a food adequately.

Food dehydration is something that every prepper tries at some point, and I don’t know a single deerhunter that does not have a secret jerky recipe.

I’ve experimented with all manner of home dehydration methods, including building my own out of a box fan and a furnace filter ala Alton Brown.  I don’t have a post on that though, it went into my food preservation book.

No matter your method, food dehydration is an age old proven method to store food. It just works.

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