Food Storage: Drying Peppers Using a Ristra

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Ristras are now normally expensive decorative items bought at overpriced stores selling cheap crap, but traditionally they were used to both dry and store peppers in the southwest.

A ristra is simple a heavy thread that has been run through the end of multiple peppers and then left out to dry.

Last years peppers are hanging in a corner of my kitchen waiting for a batch of chili or fajitas to be made.

Watch the video to see how some tips on drying peppers using a Ristra.

I use this as an easy way to store my peppers each year.  I find that hot peppers are about the only plant I actually do well with growing so I always have a surpluse.

What does not go into the fermenter for making pepper mash goes on a Ristra.

At first the boy liked playing with it, because I keep mine over in a corner that he likes to hide and play in, but after he got a little pepper in his eyes one he stopped messing with it.  Now it was not bad, as the hot part of a pepper is in the membranes and he only got a small exposure from breaking one up, but it was enough to keep him away from my peppers in the future.

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