Duct Tape Tip

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Duct Tape Tip

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This common duct tape tip is well known among backpackers.  If wrap some duct tape around a water bottle or lighter you will always have a couple feet readily available for quick repairs.

In the video below I show some wrapped around a small disposable lighter, but taking the concept one step farther I took an old ink pin that was no longer serviceable and cut the ends off with a pipe cutter.

This left me a hollow tube as long as the roll of tape was wide.

I then wrapped about 4 feet of tape around the tube – in essence creating a mini-roll of black duct tape.

I then untied my monkey fist from my key-chain and threaded the tube along the length of paracord.

When I retied it, I now have a captive roll of tape that is always with me.

It takes no extra space, and adds very little weight.

I like it, and I hope it is useful to you.  Until I went back to work at the prison and had to significantly alter what I carried in my pockets I carried this ring daily for years.  Having the tape on your person leads you to have need for it more than you would think.

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