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How to Use Cattle Panels for an Easy Garden Trellis


Gardening Tip: Easy Garden Trellis
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This idea for an easy garden trellis came from my buddy Smitty.  Smitty is a good old country boy that no matter what I do I can’t get him to get a YouTube channel.  I learn so much from him and he thinks its all just plain common sense.

There probably is a message there, but I choose to ignore it….

Anyway, Smitty uses cattle panels as an easy garden trellis.  He simply stakes the panels next to his garden rows and the vines grow up and over them.

His method is much easier than all the junk I have tried in the past and is WAY better than the tomato cages I keep buying from the hardware store.

It is because of ideas like this, and for all his help that I dedicated my last book to my good friend Smitty.  I could not ask for a better friend – he is always there to tell me my plan is going to get me killed.

Then like any good friend he stands by to help ensure I live through it.  He even brings friends to eat Cheetos and laugh at my injuries….

Cattle panels are not that expensive, and they last a long time, so I think this is one great idea.

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