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[email protected] Blood Pressure Monitor Review


Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor Review#EBP095LARGECUFF

This is an easy to use home blood pressure monitor. I like it because I never could get the hang of reading blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer. However I think every at home medical kit – especially one for preppers needs the ability to read blood pressure. This one has a memory and give both a numerical reading and a color coded backlit screen to tell at a glance if your where you should be with blood pressure.

This comes in three sizes (large is shown) so be careful if you order one.  My kid likes playing doctor with it and this electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is simple enough a four year old can successfully use it on a cooperating adult.  I have to be careful though, as I have to hide the results from m wife as they are not as perfect readings as she would like.  However, my blood pressure is not too bad because I am a pretty calm guy.

I do recommend a manual blood pressure test kit containing a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer, but you would also need to develop the skill to actually read blood pressure with the manual tools.

This is a review of a product I got in exchange for evaluating it.

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