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Electric Vehicle Design, and Build your Own

Electric Vehicles Design, and Build your Own
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There is no part of an EV, or most anything else, that’s not important. If it wasn’t part of the whole, it wouldn’t be there. You might be killed in an automobile because of its poor design or because a cotter-pin fell out of a steering knuckle.

That is what the author of Electric Vehicle Design, and Build your Own said in his book, and why you should read it if you are wanting to build an electric vehicle.

Designing and building an EV is akin to writing a book. It’s a process of integrating what you know and have,finding out what you don’t know, trying to put it all into a proper sequence. The order-of-importance idea doesn’t work here, though.

I have always wanted to build a tracked EV to mess around with, but as my Grandfather said – “you have a lot of projects, you must not ever expect to die”.  Realistically, while I think this would be an awesome project, I doubt I will ever actually get to the point where I build my own vehicle.

However, if I ever get myself a round tuit to apply to a vehicle build, this PDF will be my first stop.

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