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Elements of Chemistry (1842, 1853, 1854, 1881, & 1895)

Elements of Chemistry
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Today I have 5 PDFs to share, all entitled Elements of Chemistry. based on a cursory examinations, I believe these are all editions of the same work, just updated and expanded – basically a series.

In preparing the work of Dr. Kane for the use of American students, I have preserved the original entire, and have only made those alterations in it which the system of instruction pursued in the United States seems to require.

This work, which, as a text-book, is undoubtedly the best extant in the English language, representing the present condition of chemical science, necessarily contains much detail.
To give it completeness, it was needful to include the description of many bodies of little technical importance, to describe experimental processes, and sometimes to dwell on facts of minor value.

The period of instruction in the schools of this country is short, so that many standard books are unavailable from their extent. From an experience of several years in public teaching, I have perceived the importance of separating, for the student, the leading principles from the accompanying detail. This will, perhaps, to a certain extent, be accomplished by the mechanical contrivance of printing such works with different types, the important matter being in the largest letters.

The magnitude of the original prevented me from making additions to any great extent j what has been introduced in
this way will be readily distinguished, from being inserted between brackets. From its having been repeatedly and carefully read, and the errors and misprints revised, this will probably be found more correct than the foreign edition.


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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Elements of Chemistry (1895)”]

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